Has Your Property been Damaged by a Hurricane?

Let our attorneys help you get compensation you might be entitled to.

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Financial Help for Homeowners

If your homeowners’ policy covers the wind and water-related property damage caused by recent hurricanes but your insurer refuses to completely compensate for the damage? Let us help!

Even if you’ve already started with a claim process, we can help you to get the most money out of it by:

  • Appealing denied claims from your insurance company
  • Help filing the initial property damage claims for your damaged property
  • Negotiating a higher settlement amount If your insurer offered too little money for your hurricane-damaged property

Our attorneys will make sure you get compensated for your hurricane related property damage

Many property owners don’t even realize that their insurance policies don’t cover certain types of property damage.

If the damage costs more than your policy’s annual hurricane deductible – typically around 2% – 5% of the insured value – insurers will do their best not to pay you anything.

If your property has suffered flood or wind damage, there’s a good chance your insurance company won’t pay you for the damage.

Act Now to Maximize the Compensation
You’re Entitled to.

If your property was damaged by a hurricane, we can help you by negotiating on your behalf to make sure you’re properly compensated for any hurricane-related losses.

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