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The Insurance Company Tried to Cheat This Louisiana Mom of 3 Kids…

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She shared her story with us.

Mom with 3 kids

Hurricane Ida destroyed $95 BILLION in homes, infrastructure, and businesses.

But most homeowners have only received a FRACTION of the money they were owed!

So when Emma and her three children lost everything to the hurricane, she was SHOCKED and ANGRY…

Because the insurance company only gave her $5,000 to fix her entire home.

Her daughter’s bedroom was completely destroyed, and they had to sleep on a tiny air mattress… but the insurance company didn’t care!

Emma Got an Extra $14,000 with One Email.

Luckily, Emma was able to get help from the insurance experts at NDCP…

And they found 4 important items missing from the insurance company’s assessment.

She and her 3 kids got an extra $14,000, and all she had to do was answer a few quick questions.

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